Functional Skills E3 Maths Complete Teacher/Tutor Package **(special offer) **

**(special offer some resource worksheets are outdated in relation to the new 2019 reformed Functional Skills, but are fully editable) ** However still; PERFECT FOR ALL, TEACHERS, TUTORS AND INSTRUCTORS IN EDUCATION GCSE REVISION MATERIALS MATHS AND ENGLISH FOR APPRENTICESHIPS ENGLISH SPEAKERS OF OTHER LANGUAGES (ESOL)

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Functional Skills E3 Maths Complete Teacher/Tutor Package
1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Functional Skills E3 Maths Complete Teacher/Tutor Package
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A Complete Teacher/Tutor package will help you gain the most out of work, education and everyday life from your learners, with over 300+ done for you work sheets with answers (see below for contents)
Learner Induction in Functional Skills E3 Maths**

1 Introduction to Fraction, 2 Introduction to Decimal Fractions, 3 Introduction to Percentages, 4 Introduction to Ratios, 5 Introduction To Negative Numbers, 6 Introduction To Approximations, 7 Introduction To Estimation, 8 Introduction to +, -, x, Division, 9 Calculating Using Fractions, 10 Calculating Using Decimals, 11 Calculating Using Simple Percentages, 12 Calcultating Using Ratios, 13 Calculating Using Simple Formulae,14 Calculating Using Common Units, 15 Calculating Using Perimeter & Area, 16 Calculating Using Volumes, 17 Practical Drawing & Measuring, 18 Converting Using Scales & Tables, 19 Using Probability, 20 Constructing 2D Diagrams, 21 Constructing 2D & 3D Diagrams, 22 Introduction To Mean, Median, Range & Mode, 23 Revising Fractions, 24 Revising Decimals, 25 Revising Percentages, 26 Revising Ratios, 27 Powers & Roots, 28 Using Formulae, 29 Using Networks, 30 Using Bar & Pie Charts, 31 Revising Mean,median,mode, 32 Cumulative Frequency, 33 Calculating Accurately,34 Using Estimation, 35 Using Approximation, 36 Numbers Of Any Size, 37 Collecting & Processing Data, 38 Graphs & Conversions, 39 Area, Perimeter & Volume, FS – Mathematics Workbook List, FS Mathematics Workbooks full contents

Learner Materials in Functional SkillsE3 Maths including;

Section 1 Working with Whole Numbers, Section 2 Working with Decimals, Money, Percentages, Section 3 Workng with Ratios & Proportion, Section 4 Working with Measures, Units & Space, Section 5 Working with Shape & Space, Section 6 Working with Data & Averages, Section 7 Working with Probability
Lesson Plans 18 Weeks in Functional Skills E3 Maths
Lesson Plans 36 Weeks in Functional Skills E3 Maths
Mapping in Functional Skills E3 Maths
Progression Summary in Functional Skills E3 Maths
Quality Assurance in Functional Skills E3 Maths
Scheme of Work 18 in Functional Skills E3​ Maths Resources
Scheme of Work 36 Weeks in Functional E3 Maths Resources
Staff Training & Development Programme in Functional Skills E3 Maths

IMPORTANT NOTE - (this is a special offer due to some resources maybe outdated in Functional Skills)


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